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Acoustic Ready-to-Assemble Semi Anechoic Chamber

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The Semi-Anechoic Chamber is an anechoic space for measuring noises (sound power level) of equipments and machines. Not like the soundproof chamber, our Semi-Anechoic Chamber is an inspection room that gives consideration to the background noise to measure a single figure. The cut-off frequency (it differs by type) of the standard wedge-shaped absorber is 315Hz and 200Hz(Inverse square formation range for the high-powered wedge-shaped absorber. We can say that there is a high sound absorption capability from low to high frequency.

+ Size, model, and price for reference (Unit: millimeters)
Model Inward Outward
S-1 W2000~L2500~H2450 W2700~L3200~H2850
S-2 W2500~L3000~H2450 W3200~L3700~H2850
S-3 W3000~L3500~H2450 W3700~L4200~H2850
H-1 W2000~L2500~H2450 W3250~L3750~H3150
H-2 W2500~L3000~H2450 W3750~L4250~H3150
H-3 W3000~L3500~H2450 W4250~L4750~H3150
TYPE-FREE As requested As requested


List Price
Model List Price
S-1 5,900,000 yen
S-2 6,900,000 yen
S-3 7,900,000 yen
H-1 8,400,000 yen
H-2 9,550,000 yen
H-3 10,750,000 yen
TYPE-FREE As requested


+ Sound Insulation Value (Transmission Loss)/dB


63 125 250 500 1K 2K 4K 8K
Guaranteed Value S (28) 35 41 45 51 55 57 56
H (32) 40 46 50 56 60 62 61
Actual Value S 33.4 50.3 59.0 63.1 64.9 68.6 78.0 84.2
H 41.9 50.8 60.1 71.3 75.1 77.3 79.9 86.0
Competitor 18 27 28 37 44 48 55 –³


+ Available Range for Law of inverse square (Cut off frequency)


63 80 100 125 160 200 250
Measurable Range(meter) S-3 0.15 0.18 0.23 0.30 0.44 0.54 0.98
H-3 0.37 0.53 0.86 1.0` 1.0` 1.0` 1.0`


+ Specifications
-Non-flammable wedge-shaped absorbers/T=250
-Sound insulating panel (Layered soundproof metal panel)
-Non-flammable wedge-shaped absorbers/T=500
-Sound insulating panel (Layered soundproof metal panel)
-Sound insulating door, sound absorption door
-2 75mm*75mm holes for wiring with an internal and external sound insulating cover.
-Hook for hanging microphone.
-Supplying silencer- diffracting sound absorbing structure
-Exhaust silencer- diffracting sound absorbing structure
-Anechoic chamber comes with test data, specifications, etc.
-Electric construction
-60W bulb
-Outlet with a ground
-Pilot lamp : gRUNNINGh
-Sirocco radiator fans and flexible silencers
-Switch box
-Cabinet panel
-Secondary wiring work

Absorption Shelf, Air conditioner, Monitor, Cue light, BNC, Interphone, Gas detector, Fire Alarm Apparatus


-Semi Anechoic Chamber needs site-installation.
-However Relocation is available because of Metal Panel construction.
-Ready- to-assemble. No wood work, no concrete construction.
-Anechoic Chamber uses non-flammable materials in all parts.
-We set guaranteed values by measuring background noises and doing a frequency analysis at the @scheduled place for installation.
-Layout drawing, Instruction Manual, and Transmission loss test data will be submitted.
-We can suggest measuring instruments such as sound level meters and analyzing equipments.
-Changes in size and adjustments in sound absorption capability are available in accordance with the layout placement.
-We guarantee the sound insulation values.

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